Sunday, August 11, 2013

Goose Bumps and Awe

This week was one of the first times I have stepped out in blind faith and truly let myself trust the Lord 100%! On Thursday I sent off a set of paperwork to our adoption agency with the authorization to take the fee payment out of our account on Monday. We prayed and asked the Lord to cover the fee with the huge sale our church sponsored for us. In two days, the Lord brought in $3,544. ( found another $100 bill in the glove box where I was keeping the money). This is $1,044 over what we were believing for. We now have enough to cover our home study fee as well. There were so many goose bump moments this weekend. Deciding to have it in the building at the fairgrounds and watching the rain pour down while all our stuff stayed dry. Choosing a date not knowing there would be another big sale on Saturday at the building next door. Having constant traffic because the river was rising and everyone drove by our building to see it. Needing more items to sell on Thursday evening and while waiting on someone, 2 people pull up with sacks and a truck load. These people were strangers, they had come to donate to the other sale, but there was no one there to take their donations so they gave them all to us!! Asking God, at 2:30 pm to help us sell 2 beds, a treadmill and about 7 tv's so we didn't have to haul them to Goodwill-within 2 hours all were sold. Someone who doesn't know us walking up and writing us a check for $250. A dear friend handing us$100 with tears in his eyes as he tells us, God told me to give you this." Jennifer Torrence Webster , Luke Webster, Pastor Tim Singer, Kristi Davidson Singer,Emily Tilton, Nathan David Bales, and Frank who worked tirelessly and endlessly without complaint or compensation. My heart is full but also broken, I shared so much about our littles this weekend and I ache so much to hold them in my arms. Thank you all for giving, not out of your abundance, but out of your need. Following the Lord in obedience is a pretty thrilling journey!!


  1. This makes my heart sing! I was dying to know how everything had gone! Hallelujah, Sis! The Waymaker is on your side.

  2. Yay God!! We are a SF family, having adopted our first child to come home from China and who lived at SF in the summer of 2008. Since then, we have ventured back two more times and are waiting to go a fourth time! We are also "late bloomers" as we had raised our oldest son to college level when God called us to go get our children. He hasn't stopped calling us yet, and my husband is 56 and I am 54! Congratulations!