Monday, July 28, 2014

Dreams Really Do Come True

In less than 48 hours, we will be on our way to our children.  The bags are packed and rooms are ready. It is time.  No more kissing pictures and crying from a mother's lonely heart.  All of the imagining is coming to an end.  Imagining them at the dinner table, imagining rocking them in my chair.  Imagining them running up and down the stairs with squeals and laughter.  No more imagining.  No more wondering.  No more wondering if Gracie is safe, no more wondering if she went to bed hungry, no more wondering if she was hugged and cuddled today. No more wondering if they will grow to love us as much as we already love them.  No more wondering.

From the time I was a little girl I always wanted a big family.  I have a fierce love for my homegrown kids because they are both walking, talking miracles.  Many years of my heart was spent in a dark place of infertility and loss.  We have four babies waiting in heaven whose faces I long to see.  During this dark time, a dear friend prayed for me.  I will never forget her words as she put her hands on each of my cheeks and looked me in the eyes.  She said, "Melissa, the Lord will fill your quiver with arrows and your children will be mighty men and women for God."  This was 15 years ago.

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one's youth. 5How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them...Psalm 127:4,5

That was my dream, but it seemed God had forgotten my dream and I had given up.  Like Joseph in the prison, it seemed my destiny had been declared.  But God had other plans, He had not forgotten His promise made through my precious friend, He knew the desire of my heart and he is the promise keeper.  A friend was doing and adoption t-shirt fundraiser and her shirt said, "Raising Arrows Psalm 129:5.  The Lord reminded me of His promise that He had made to me so many years past.  Thank you Lord that you never break your promises.

God has provided everything to make my dream come true.  We have paid more money than has ever been in our bank account at one time.  My precious husband hates traveling.  He promised me years ago that he would never fly anywhere in his lifetime.  He hates crowds,  he struggles with change, he likes routine and order.  Yet, when he saw a picture of Gracie, God melted his heart.  He is the one who requested a brother for Gracie.  His suitcase is packed, his job is on hold for three weeks, his saving account is empty and his airplane ticket is purchased.  God can do amazing things with a wiling heart.  My husband is glowing with excitement and anticipation. Our dreams are coming true! 

I promise to update here often and post lots of pictures.  We appreciate your continued prayers for safe travel. Please be in prayer for Ollie's and Gracie's little hearts.  They are leaving the only family they know and we are praying they will have peace and know they are safe.  Please pray for Gracie because we don't know if she has been prepared for this transition.  She has not ever been around Americans or white people in general.  She hasn't heard the language,  been to a restaurant, walked on the streets, she has only seen the play yard of the orphanage.  

Thank you to each and everyone who has stood along side us during this journey.  You have done the Lord's work and He is pleased with you!  May you reap the blessings that you have sewn into our family.  The next post will be from beautiful Beijing!

Monday, July 7, 2014


Our paperwork is nearly finished and a suitcase sits in the living room. We are counting days and weeks instead of months.  The journey we began by faith is ending on an even bigger dose of faith.

We met Oliver YaQing on July 3rd via Skype.  He is the most precious boy and we are over the moon about him.  It was bittersweet for this mama to see her son, speak with him and not be able to wrap her arms around him.  Soon.  Soon he and Gracie will be ours forever, such an amazing word.  Forever.  Their lives changed.  Forever.  Our lives changed.   Forever.  Others changed because of them.  Forever.

We leave for China in about four weeks.  We are standing on faith because we are needing funds for travel and Gracie's orphanage fee.  Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this faith journey.  You have increased our faith and built us up in a way we could have never imagined.

We have an online sale and auction going on write now on Facebook.  Come and check out the items, some great opportunities for Christmas gifts.  Like our page and see what new items we are adding.

We have 10 days left on our T-shirt fundraiser.  We need 38 more shirts to order.  These would also make great gifts and are affordable enough for the whole family.  We have children's sizes as well as long sleeves and hoodies.

Thank you for being a part of our Forever and changing the Forever of two orphans!

Here is the link to our meeting with Oliver.

Monday, June 23, 2014

We Are So Close To The Beginning!

We are on the final stretch to bring home Gracie and Oliver!  It has been a long and tedious journey.  However, we have grown so much along the way.  There has been a lot of shifting.  Shifting of priorities, shifting of bedrooms, shifting of expectations and a shifting in our hearts.  Some days I feel like the Grinch on when "his heart grew three sizes that day".  We are walking in thankfulness and trust.  We have been wrapped in the loving arms of our church family from day one!  We could not have walked this journey alone, many times our friends have lifted us when we felt all was lost.  We will be forever thankful!!

We have about eight weeks until travel...eeek!  There is a practice suitcase in the living room filling up with items and when I'm bored I try to figure out how to fit it all in there!  We have 3 things left to overcome.  We need to pay our orphanage fees and our travel.  This totals about $16,000.  We will be posting many items for sale on our facebook page "Bringing Home Gracie and Oliver".  Feel free to come on over and like our page.

We are excited to have a FSP on Reece's Rainbow now.  You can donate directly to us through them at the button on the right.  We appreciate all that they do for so many orphans and families!  That is the site where we first found Gracie!

We are having an awesome giveaway.  Our Pastor's wife donated this beautiful necklace to us.  It is appraised at $750.  We are giving it away in a drawing.  We are selling 30 tickets for $20 each.  Once we reach 30, we will draw a number and contact the lucky winner.  You may donate $20 and get a ticket either here on the paypal or on our Reece's Rainbow page.  Just make sure and comment or comment on paypal so we can give you a number.  THERE ARE ONLY 18 TICKETS LEFT.

We are also selling Mellie's Mixes!  Fresh, homemade soup and dip mixes!  Pictured is the Chicken Tortilla Soup mix.  So yummy just add cooked chicken, Rotel and water and it makes a delicious meal.  One bag makes enough to feed  a hungry family.  Also pictured is our Southwestern Dip Mix. This can be mixed with sour cream for a scrumptious dip or it can be used as taco seasoning-just add to your ground beef or chicken.  We also have a Veggie Dip Mix, Pumpkin Dip Mix (yummy with apples) and a Cheese Ball Mix that is out of this world.  We have a Potato Soup Mix that is also yummy.

Soup Mixes are $7.00 each or 3 for $20.00
Dip Mixes and Cheese Ball Mix are $4.00 each or 3 for $10.00
Shipping is free.  All natural ingredients!

Now for the good stuff!  Here are the latest pictures of our precious littles!  We fall deeper in love with them every day!  Thank you for helping us bring them home!  You are loved and appreciated and they will know how loved they were even before we met them face to face!

Friday, November 1, 2013

A Little Goes a Long Way

We are up to our elbows in paperwork and up to our necks in adoption fees!  Every step of the way God has met every need right when we ask.  We are finishing up our home study and we are ready to mail in the paperwork.  As a matter of fact we were near the stamp licking stage when we discovered that we are required to pay all six of our post-adoption fees upfront with the home study fee.  This changed our amount by $1,800!  We originally were only short $ we need $2,300.  lWe went to our money tree and shook it, but so far nothing falling from the sky. :)  We began to pray and that very day we discovered we had an extra $1,000 that will be available to us mid-November.  God is ALWAYS faithful.

We are offering  several ways to  help us meet this goal.  We need to travel at the beginning of summer so we are trying to move things along as quickly as possible.

Our precious friend Jennifer Webster is having an adoption fundraiser Thirty-One party for the month of November.  You can go right online and order.  She is giving all of her profit to bringing home Gracie and Oliver!

Welcome to the Tilton's Thirty One Fundraiser! 100% of commission made from this fundraiser will be donated to Frank and Melissa for their adoption fund. 
Christmas is just over 50 days away (GASP!). Shop with purpose this season and help bring Oliver and Gracie home!!
This party is all online (unless you are local to Melissa as she will have catalogs). You can shop through this link: The customer special this month is an all time favorite!!! Spend $35 and get a Medium Utility Tote for $7!!! 
Happy Shopping!

If you would just like to donate you may use the paypal button. If you donate through paypal or send a paypal  donation to you will receive one entry for every $5.00 in our ipad mini giveaway.  We are only accepting 300 entries then we will draw for 2 $50 Visa cards and the ipad mini.

 If you would like to receive tax credit for donating we have an easy link to donate.  This is our adoption fund through our wonderful church.  All donations through this site are tax deductible.  Just choose adoption fund.  Here is the link. .

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Goose Bumps and Awe

This week was one of the first times I have stepped out in blind faith and truly let myself trust the Lord 100%! On Thursday I sent off a set of paperwork to our adoption agency with the authorization to take the fee payment out of our account on Monday. We prayed and asked the Lord to cover the fee with the huge sale our church sponsored for us. In two days, the Lord brought in $3,544. ( found another $100 bill in the glove box where I was keeping the money). This is $1,044 over what we were believing for. We now have enough to cover our home study fee as well. There were so many goose bump moments this weekend. Deciding to have it in the building at the fairgrounds and watching the rain pour down while all our stuff stayed dry. Choosing a date not knowing there would be another big sale on Saturday at the building next door. Having constant traffic because the river was rising and everyone drove by our building to see it. Needing more items to sell on Thursday evening and while waiting on someone, 2 people pull up with sacks and a truck load. These people were strangers, they had come to donate to the other sale, but there was no one there to take their donations so they gave them all to us!! Asking God, at 2:30 pm to help us sell 2 beds, a treadmill and about 7 tv's so we didn't have to haul them to Goodwill-within 2 hours all were sold. Someone who doesn't know us walking up and writing us a check for $250. A dear friend handing us$100 with tears in his eyes as he tells us, God told me to give you this." Jennifer Torrence Webster , Luke Webster, Pastor Tim Singer, Kristi Davidson Singer,Emily Tilton, Nathan David Bales, and Frank who worked tirelessly and endlessly without complaint or compensation. My heart is full but also broken, I shared so much about our littles this weekend and I ache so much to hold them in my arms. Thank you all for giving, not out of your abundance, but out of your need. Following the Lord in obedience is a pretty thrilling journey!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Love Grows A Family: We are starting a Puzzle Piece Fundraiser!Puzzle p...

Love Grows A Family: We are starting a Puzzle Piece Fundraiser!Puzzle p...: We are starting a Puzzle Piece Fundraiser! Puzzle pieces are $10 each. Leave a comment and let us know how many pieces you purchase...

This is our precious Gracie Ya Li

The red thread connects our hearts to those we love in China.  There are many children that we love; two have stolen our hearts and we are working diligently to make them ours forever!  

Our story matches our motto: Love Grows a Family!  We are late bloomers!  We are the Tilton family.  Through many struggles and heartaches the Lord gave us two wonderful kids.
We had our daughter when I was 29 years old and our son was born when I was 39 years old.  How appropriate it is that as I turned 49 we are in the process of growing our family again.  God has opened our hearts to adoption and He has opened our minds to the millions of children and teens who live without hope of a family.   

Our desire is to share our hearts with you as we follow the red thread to where are hearts will be filled and we will have the opportunity to pour our hearts into the lives of these precious children.  

Each step we have taken so far has been laid out and doors opened.  We are continuing in faith that the Lord will lead and guide us every step of the way.